Code Black

Extensive Mentoring Program for Black Males 12-17 & 18-24

Why Code Black?

It is my strong belief there is an urgent need for an awakening for the Black male in America.  As Black people we have a unique challenge in America and quite frankly around the world outside of Africa. It is no secret there was a demonization towards people of color worldwide that led to colorism which gave birth to discrimination.

Since the first slave ship landed in Jamestown Virginia in 1619 to this present day, we've seen the struggle and challenge of the Black man in America.  Code Black's mentor program serves as a right of passage for young Black males. The program is in group sessions and according to age groups.

Group A: 18 - 24          Group B: 12 - 17


The goal of Code Black is to teach young Black males how to know their history before slavery, during slavery, after slavery, and the progressive power and strength they possess. The ability to fully know themselves grants the opportunity for them to actively engage and navigate life in America and the world with confidence, pride and self-respect. They can and will change the current narrative of not just the Black male in America but the Black American in general.

Program Outline

Cultural Competency: “Who Are You”  (4 weeks)

  • American Black Culture (African-American or Black) 
  • History of Black people in America
  • Evolution of Black male roles in the family
  • Evolution of Black women roles in the family
  • History of Human Trafficking AKA Atlantic Slave Trade 
  • Be Creative Intro

Historical Trauma: “The History of Trauma for Black people in America” (3 weeks)

  • What is Trauma 
  • How Trauma affected Black people in America
  • Inherited trauma 
  • Trauma informed 
  • Healing from Trauma
  • Be Creative Check-In

Get Educated: “Awaken” (4 week)

  • Character (Instant Gratification vs Delayed Gratification)
  • Decrease of Black males in higher education vs Increase of Black females (Partnering with institutions of higher education)
  • Entrepreneurship (Training in the basic business principles of business) 
    • Mentorship apprenticeship 
    • Entrepreneurship workshops/camps
    • Business/Life Networking 
    • Volunteer
  • Be Creative Check-In

Money Talks: “Don’t Be a Tool” ( 4 week)

  • Financial management principles (Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University) 
  • Budgeting 
  • Stock Investor
  • Beginner investing 
  • Insurance Literacy 
    • Health 
    • Life
    • Asset Protection
  • Be Creative Check-In

Health and Wellness: “Die Well” (4 week)

  • Eating to Live vs Living to Eat
  • Physical Fitness (The education on being fit)
  • Meditation/Yoga (Actual practice of meditation and yoga) 
  • Spirituality (Religious Concepts)

  You Have the Right: “ Know Your Constitutional and Legal Rights.” (3 weeks)

  • Learning the United States Constitution 
  • Leaning relevant laws in your city 
  • What are your citizens rights
  • What to do when stopped or detained by an officer of the law
  • Be Creative dress rehearsal

Arts: “ Be Creative” (4 weeks)

  • Exposure to the world of ART (What is ART and Different Mediums)
  • Exploring the artist within (Tapping into individual artist traits)
  • Exposure to professional art performance (Based on availability)
  • Code Black Mentorship Graduation/Final Be Creative Showcase
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